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Тема в разделе "Архив: Список неактивных/закрытых программ", создана пользователем Criptoflex, 19 Июль 2019.

  1. Criptoflex

    Criptoflex Новичек

    NEW PROJECT  CRYPTOHANDS  VIA SMART CONTRACT ON ETHEREUM to join this project you need only 0.055 ETH (about $10, 0.05 + 0.005 for GAS), this is the maximum amount you can lose in this project)

    The fact is that all transactions goes via an ETH smart contract and the funds does not fall in the wallets of owners of this project, we just transact funds from the downline person to the upperline, this is the beauty of this project.

    You need to invite only 3 people at your link, your people will transact 0.05 ETH to you each, after you buy levels from higher level people, in order to earn even more, the second level costs 0.15 ETH, but further more interesting and the profit will be much more

    You can also build your downline referrals - their downlines, in order to earn more, or just wait, but it will take more time❗ THE MAXIMUM POSSIBLE EARNING ABOUT 10,000 ETH, though real earning will likely to be much lower, BUT STILL, you can earn a few ETH! And this is all for an investment of only 0.05 ETH❗ Also your upline will help you to build you own structure

    Go to the site choose the language and click Registration above, you just need to make a transaction of 0.05 ETH via Metamask. Or click Manual and you can do it via, but there you need to manually send the transaction and when making the transaction in the Advanced settings add my ETH wallet 0x9e6E68ac9d6a1E69950b75a9d06EE335CC0Ba2d8 in the Add Data field and transfer 0.05 ETH and the system will automatically put you in the right place. This is all you need to do to register in the project❗

    By registering with my referral, you will receive many referrals, I will actively promote this project, I really liked it and I think everyone can make good money in this project. Join and start earning with our community, and, certainly, bringing your people is very welcome, let's succeed together

    P.S. If it writes that you came without a referral link, you can add my eth address in the field 0x9e6E68ac9d6a1E69950b75a9d06EE335CC0Ba2d8 and all will be ok

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  2. Информационный Бот ИНФО БОТ

    Приветствую. Я ИнфоБот.

    Хочу напомнить, что согласно правилам для разделов о хайпах, МЛМ и экономических играх, автор темы обязан:
    • поддерживать тему в активном состоянии;
    • регулярно сообщать о собственных выплатах;
    • делиться новостями и любой другой полезной информацией, касающейся этого проекта;
    • своевременно "сообщать модераторам" и отписываться в ветке при возникновении любых проблем у проекта.
    При отсутствии активности более 30 дней, тема проекта будет перемещена в список проблемных/неактивных/закрытых программ.